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If you live in California and are looking for a new hobby or way to contribute to the environment, gardening could be perfect for you. The weather certainly is ideal throughout the whole year, allowing for favorable conditions for growing. If you’re a beginner, don’t fret because every gardener has to start somewhere. The guide below can help you to learn all of the basics of gardening.

Once you get your garden started, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious vegetables along with the sights of pretty flowers and plants. You’ll also have some self-satisfaction knowing that you achieved a new goal. 

Get Dirty

You’re bound to get your hands dirty when you begin to garden. Digging in the dirt can be quite fun! You’ll also get some fresh air and exercise by default. 

If you’re planting vegetables, you’ll need to dig by hand. The dirt should be mixed well and firmly packed around the vegetables themselves. It’s essential to pack the soil tightly once the vegetables have been planted in the ground. 

When you begin gardening, you’ll quickly realize that your hands will be your most prized tool.

Choose Your Fertilizer And Soil

Once you start gardening, you’ll see that you have a preference for the types of soil and fertilizer that you use. The kind of soil depends on the type of fertilizer. The important thing is that you’re nourishing your soil with some form of organic material. If you see worms, you’re on the right track with your gardening. Worms help to keep the soil healthy and flowing. Think of worms as living fertilizer. 

Regular Watering

If you’re going to become a gardener, you’re going to need a device for regular watering. If you’re just starting out a watering can will be perfect. This serves as a reminder for regular watering and allows you to measure how much water you’re giving your plants and crops. Watering cans help you to spread the water evenly over the desired area. The best way to tell if you’re watering your plants correctly is to feel the soil and see if it feels most. Dry soil will need some attention. Keep in mind that some plants may need to be watered twice a day in dry conditions.              

The Sun

All plants need the sun to perform photosynthesis to grow. If you plant in a shady area, your plants may not thrive. Be mindful of where you place your plants and crops in relation to the amount of sun your yard gets.  

With these simple tips, you’ll be off to a great start in gardening at your California home.